Our vision at Concular is to enable the construction sector to be resource- and CO2-neutral. Our team of experts from the construction and digital industry are working together on professional solutions to get closer to this vision every day.


We believe that data and digital information about our built and yet to be built environment is a fundamental requisite for circular construction. This is why we have developed our software solution to digitize buildings and materials to help decision making, encourage collaboration and make construction processes transparent.

Resource efficiency

Resource efficiency means using the Earth’s limited resources in a sustainable manner while minimising impacts on the environment. Our ultimate goal is to enable construction professionals to reuse as much materials and products as possible instead of chosing new materials. By doing so, the negative ecological impact can be significantly reduced, while the economical benefits increased. We strive for a 1:1 substition of materials: Every material which is reused doesnt need to be produced which saves resources and GHG emissions.

System thinking

We believe that in order to achieve circular construction we need a systemic change which requires engagement from all the parties. Therefore, we support and empower stakeholders to take active part together in shaping the future of construction by creating local networks that are resilient and adaptable to the increasingly complex global and local challenges we are facing.

Our Experts