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Modulares Arbeiten

Hat viel Spaß gemacht! Nur mit kleinen Verwirrungen beim Schritt 4, wie viel man für die Aufbereitung der Materialien zahlen muss. Sonst ist es echt eine tolle Idee, vielen Dank!

by Theresa Borngräber
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Spazio Fluido

Open space with low Budget

by Denise e Susanna
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by Marcel Hausner
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Nicerdicer coworking ltd.

Was a nice and dice work experience. Gerne wieder! One star Abzug wegen fehlenden Untertiteln. Deutsche Version war belegt.

by David und Laurin

Niki didi house

Funny, very educational for the next generations. Congratulation.

by Didier
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Haus der Zukunft

Danke, hat uns sehr viel Spaß gemacht!

by Mia und Edi
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by Mina
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Loved it.

by J and L
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Eco Friendly Community Housing

by Philipp Angleitner
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Nice game!

by Comida Rumosi
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Cozy & calm

Calm and nice working spaces Lively chatting spaces & a cozy and sterile bathroom and kitchen

by Maga & Franci
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by Luise und Christa
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Try an Error

Thanks Architektenkammer

by FR01
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by Arthur Bergs
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by Ricardo de Oliveira Albuquerque
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I liked it so much!!

by Giulia Cherchi
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RAW house

What a cool game. We could need a game like that for our university to play with students.

by Magharita
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La casa del silencio

by Gabriel Kramer
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by Marie Luisa Milena
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Bel gioco!

by Marco
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Warm & offen

Tolles Spiel! 👏

by Carolina Mojto
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Funky house

Amazing and fun game

by Mette
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Open and closed


by Lutz Keßling
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Ufficio smart

Molto interessante!

by Giulia Angiani
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First House

by Sofia Pascolo
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Impact Hub Giardini

Geil Geil Geil! Wir haben noch fett Budget! Können wir ne Party schmeißen? Love it !!!

by Leon & Sascha