Successful reuse of materials

We make it easy to assess material values in buildings and actively help to close material loops by being cost-effective, ecologically measurable and giving advice.

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Digitize in inventory, discover the value

We support our clients in the assessment of materials and components in their new and existing buildings.

Our service ranges from the digitization as material passports, cost-effective procurement until deconstruction starts and measurable savings of costs, waste and GHG emissions.

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Concular Bestandserfassung Ressourceneffizienz im Rückbau

Assessment service

We record and evaluate your materials in the inventory: according to deconstructability, value and probability of placement.

-30 % deconstruction costs

Save up to 30% through material valuation and automated sales.

Reduce CO2 and waste

By reusing your materials and components you save tons of CO2 and waste.

Cost-efficient procurement

The sooner you contact us, the better – we mediate your material while it is still installed.

Buildings as digital material banks

Manage your buildings in digital product and material passports. We assist in material procurement and sales in an automated and time-efficient way – with decision-making aids for life cycle assessment and economic efficiency.

We find the right partners for you for material testing, preparation, storage and certification.

Material passports at product level

Turn your buildings into a material bank with just a few clicks and manage components and materials digitally.

Automated matching

Intelligent material procurement saves time and helps with ecological and economic decision-making.

Value calculation

Calculate the value of your materials and buildings on market-based material values.

Lifecycle assessed processes

Reduce the grey energy of your construction and deconstruction measures by forecasting and measuring the LCA.

Data for your ESG reporting

We bring real sustainability to your project: use our calculations for evidence such as ESG reporting on CO2 saving, waste and costs.

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Together we transform the construction sector

From project developers, property owners, cities and municipalities, construction companies and manufacturers to craftsmen, researchers and designers – with Concular we connect people in the circular value chain.

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For more resource efficiency since 2012

Since 2012, the team behind Concular and Restado has been committed to the Circular Economy in the building sector. We are dedicated experts for architecture, software and sustainability. With our work, we make an important contribution to CO2 reduction in the building sector.

We know: a successful circular economy is created only together. That is why we are constantly expanding our network of experienced partners from the entire service spectrum….

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